Program Application

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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 30 day(s)
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 15.00% Product specific
    Additional terms Bidding on any Aterian branded terms is strictly forbidden. Aterian reserves the right to deny and/or claw back any conversion resulting from any unauthorized keyword bidding.




    Aterian, Inc. Affiliate Program Agreement (the “Agreement”), is made by and
    between You, your agents, your affiliates or sub-affiliates (“You” “Your” or
    “Affiliate”) and the Aterian, Inc. (“Aterian ” “We” or “Our”). By participating
    in the Aterian Affiliate Marketing Program (the “Program”), You agree to be
    bound and abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


    Eligibility. To participate in the program, You
    must (i) be at least 18 years old or the age of majority where You reside; (ii)
    if you are under 18 or the age of majority in Your jurisdiction, have the
    consent of the parent or guardian and they agree to be bound by the terms of
    this agreement; or (ii) have the full right and authority to enter into,
    execute, and perform the obligations under this Agreement.

    Refersion Account. For participants in the Program
    through the Refersion platform, You are required to create a Refersion Account
    for tracking and reporting purposes. You are solely responsible for, without
    limitation, (i) maintaining Your account; (ii) all activity on Your account;
    and (ii) any loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of Your account
    information. You are encouraged to review the Refersion
    terms of service
    prior to opening an account.

    Amazon Attribution. For
    participants in the Program through the Amazon Attribution program, You are
    solely responsible for, without limitation, (i) maintaining Your account; (ii)
    all activity on Your account; and (ii) any loss, theft, or unauthorized
    disclosure of Your account information. You are encouraged to review the Amazon
    Attribution terms and conditions prior to opening an account.

    1.4 Accurate Information. You must provide accurate and truthful
    information and are solely responsible for maintaining complete and accurate
    information about You, including Your payment and tax information, contact
    information, etc. We are entitled to rely on any and all such information, and
    are not responsible for any misrepresentations, errors, omissions, or
    inaccuracies made by You.


    Qualifying Transactions.
    You may be eligible for a commission on purchases made by end users
    pursuant to the applicable Fee Schedule (“Qualifying Transaction”). We reserve
    the right to review and disqualify any Qualifying Transactions, including but
    not limited to,
    diluting, tarnishing, blurring or
    adversely affecting Aterian’s proprietary rights
    (“Abuse”) of our brand or false advertising.

    Tracking. For Aterian to track Qualifying
    Transactions, You must include and maintain the original link provided to You
    by Aterian within Your buttons, banners, widgets, text, website, social media,
    or other creative content (“Promotional Materials”) You use to promote Aterian
    brands and products, and may not modify, amend, or change the tracking code
    provided to You. Although Aterian strives to track all Qualifying Transactions
    accurately, there may be instances where We fail to track all Qualifying
    Transactions. In such instances, We
    exercise best efforts to determine the discrepancies between intended and
    actual Qualifying Transactions and resolve the discrepancies.

    Aterian reserves the right to review and validate all Qualifying
    Transactions. For Affiliates on the Amazon Attribution platform, reports will
    be provided on a monthly basis for review. Reporting is not available on a
    real-time basis and may be subject to delay. Aterian Transaction Reports are
    the sole and definitive measure of Our payment obligations.

    Changes to Commissions. We reserve the right to change the
    applicable Fee Schedule or Program details with respect to Qualifying
    transactions at our discretion. Notice of any changes will be provided at least
    (48) hours before effective.

    Link Promotion. Affiliates
    must use the custom URL or UTM parameters provided by Aterian in your
    Promotional Materials. Aterian reserves the right to refuse commissions to, or
    terminate this Agreement with, any Affiliate that does not have the proper UTM
    or link parameters without notice.

    Product Discounts. You may not offer any discounts or coupons or make any
    representations with respect to our products without our prior express written

    Aterian Trademarks. Accepted Program participants will
    be granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to publicly
    display the Aterian name, trademarks and logos on Your Promotional Materials
    solely for the purpose of marketing Our products. The Aterian name, marks and
    logos are the sole property of Aterian and are protected by trademark and
    copyright law.

    Prohibited Use.
    You may not place the Program [link, banner or logo] on any website that
    (i) contains sexually explicit materials; (ii) promotes violence,
    discrimination or illegal activities; (iii) infringes the copyright, trademark,
    trade secret or other intellectual property rights of others; (iv) violates the
    privacy or publicity or other personal rights of others; (v) is fraudulent,
    deceptive, defamatory, obscene, threatening, harassing, abusive or hateful; or
    (vi) violates applicable laws, as determined by Aterian in our sole discretion.

    Use of Pay-Per-Click (“PPC”). PPC campaigns that send people
    directly to the affiliate’s affiliate link are NOT allowed. Only
    Affiliate PPC campaigns that direct traffic to the Affiliate’s own website or
    content is allowable. Under no circumstances can Affiliate use PPC to drive
    traffic to any of Aterian’s trademarks or branded terms, including but not
    limited to (i); (ii) Aterian; (iii) any variations, misspellings, or
    derivatives of our trade name or domain keywords. In the event that Aterian
    becomes aware of any unethical behavior, tactics or violations to this
    requirement, the Affiliate will be immediately banned from the Program. We
    reserve the right to expel any violator from the Program at any time following
    the first occurrence of a violation of this provision.

    Privacy and Data.
    Aterian may retain limited information about You or Qualifying Transactions
    for the purpose of providing or maintaining Program services, and will not
    share, sell, disclose or otherwise provide such information to any third party,
    except as may be provided for in this Agreement, for as long as reasonably
    necessary to provide Program service. Aterian will use industry standard
    measures to protect against unauthorized access to, disclosure or use of such
    information and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating
    to the protection and privacy of personally identifiable information. 

    Third-Party Links and Information.
    Aterian may use or contain links to third-party materials, sites,
    information, products, or applications (collectively “Third Party Services”)
    that are not owned or controlled by Aterian. We do not assume any
    responsibility for any such Third-Party Services. If you access a Third-Party
    Service or share your information on or through any Third-Party Service you do
    so at your own risk, and you understand that You should review and agree to any
    agreements and or policies of these Third-Party Services. You expressly relieve
    Aterian from any and all liability arising from your use of any Third-Party
    Services. You also agree that we may, at any time and in our sole discretion,
    and without any notice to you, suspend, disable access to or remove any
    Third-Party Services from the Program. We’re not liable to you for any such
    suspension, disabling or removal.


    Timing.  Commission payments on positive account
    balances, that exceed the minimum account balance of $100 USD, will be paid on
    a monthly basis, and may be subject to Your approval. The number or amount of
    transactions, credits for payments and debits for non-payment, withholding, or
    reversals as calculated by Aterian shall be final and binding on You.

    Form of Payment. Payments will be made in United States dollars to the
    Account specified in Your Application.


    You are responsible for any taxes that may be due in
    connection with your participation in the Program or otherwise. Aterian does
    not pay additional compensation to you for taxes. If the withholding of any tax
    is required in respect of any payment to you, Aterian will (1) withhold the
    applicable amount from such payment and (2) pay such amount to the relevant
    authorities in accordance with any Applicable Law in the relevant
    jurisdiction(s). You agree to complete and provide to us or to the applicable
    taxing authority such forms, certifications or other documents as may be
    reasonably requested by Aterian, to reduce or exempt withholding taxes with
    respect to payments made to you when and where required by law. If it is later
    determined that Aterian should have withheld and/or paid additional tax but did
    not withhold or pay such tax, then you shall pay the applicable tax and hold
    Aterian harmless from any penalties or interest thereon.

    Non-Payment, Withholding, Reversal
    and Chargebacks
    . We
    shall have no duty to pay You for Qualifying Transactions during any current or
    previous month, due to (i) order cancellations or returns; (ii) erroneous order
    duplications or errors; (iii) non-bona fide transactions or other fraudulent
    activity; (iv) orders we reject or cannot fill; or (v) Your failure to comply with
    the terms of this agreement.


    Termination. Either party may terminate this
    Agreement at any time. After termination, You will remain entitled to payment
    for any commissions that accrue or have accrued for referrals made prior to
    termination subject to the payment terms in Section 3. You will disable all
    links and discontinue any use of the Aterian brand names, trademarks, or logos.

    Termination by Aterian. We may terminate this Agreement or
    Your participation in the Program at any time in our sole discretion, with or
    without cause. Termination of this Agreement for cause may include, but is not
    limited to (i) improper use of Program Materials; (ii) Abuse; or (ii) deceptive
    practices or false advertising.

    Termination of Programs. Programs may be discontinued at any
    time at our discretion.


    From Affiliate. You represent and warrant that (i) You
    have the full right and authority to enter into, execute, and perform Your
    obligations under this Agreement, or are an entity authorized to do business
    pursuant to applicable law on behalf of Your company; (ii) You accurately
    identified Yourself and have not provided any inaccurate information; (iii) You
    are and shall be in full compliance with all laws, regulations, and best
    practices applicable to You; or (iv) You have all appropriate rights and
    authorities to operate and provide content in your Promotional Materials, and
    use any trade names or trademarks or other intellectual property applicable to
    you, do not and shall not infringe upon the any third party’s or Aterian’s
    intellectual property rights.

    From Aterian. Aterian represents and warrants that it is the owner of the
    Program, or the recipient of a valid license thereto, and that it has and will
    maintain the full power and authority to grant the rights under this Agreement
    without the further consent of any third party.

    Warranty Disclaimers. EXCEPT AS SET




    6.1 You shall defend, indemnify, hold
    harmless, and release Aterian and each Released Party against any third party
    claims, suit, or proceedings arising out of or related to Your alleged or
    actual use or misuse of the Program whether direct or indirect (“Indemnified
    Claim”), including without limitation, (i) suits or proceedings directly
    resulting from Your infringing the intellectual property or other rights held
    by a third party; (ii) claims that Your use of the Program harasses, defames,
    or defrauds a third party; or (iv) violates the Controlling the Assault of
    Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing 
    Act of 2003 or any other law or restriction on electronic advertising.

    California Civil Code §1542.
    If You are a California resident, You are aware of, and understand, the
    provisions of California Civil Code Section 1542 (”Section 1542”), which
    SETTLEMENT WITH THE DEBTOR.” You expressly, knowingly, and intentionally waive
    any and all rights, benefits, and protections of Section 1542 and of any other
    state or federal statute or common law principle limiting the scope of a
    general release.


    Choice of Law & Jurisdiction. This Agreement will be governed by and
    construed under the laws of the State of New York, without giving effect to (i)
    conflicts of law principles that would apply the substantive laws of another
    jurisdiction to the parties’ rights or duties; (ii) the United Nations
    Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods; or (iii) any other
    international laws. The parties consent to the personal and exclusive
    jurisdiction of the federal and state courts of New York County, New York. 

    7.2 Assignment
    & Successors
    . You may not assign this Agreement or any of its rights or
    obligations hereunder without Aterian’s express written consent. Should we
    agree to assignment, this Agreement will be binding upon and inure to the
    benefit of the parties’ respective successors and assigns.

    7.3 Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be illegal, null or
    void or against public policy, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall
    remain in full force and effect. In the event that a provision of this
    Agreement is held to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable, such provision will
    be interpreted to fulfill its intended purpose to the maximum extent permitted
    by law, and the remaining provisions of this Agreement will continue in full
    force and effect.

    7.4 Waiver.
    A waiver of any breach of any provision under this Agreement by any Party
    shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach, nor
    shall any waiver constitute a continuing waiver.

    7.4 Amendment. This Agreement may be amended
    unilaterally by Aterian at any time by notice to the e-mail address noted in
    Your account or Application. Aterian may revise this Agreement from time to
    time by posting a new version online; any such new version will become
    effective on the date it is posted.

    Privacy Policy

    Aterian, Inc. (“Aterian”, “We” or “Us”) is committed to taking reasonable steps to protect the privacy of information in its care. This Privacy Policy applies to data provided to Aterian by its business Customers and other individuals who provide us with information. Customer data received by Aterian includes information about individual purchases made from Customers’ online stores.

    Overview and Definitions

    Aterian’s analysis of data helps Customers optimize their business performance across their E-commerce channels. Aterian offers a variety of data points, analytics and actionable insights, providing Customers with a better understanding of their performance, competition, risks and potential ingrowing their business. Aterian also provides pricing and inventory solutions. For pricing, Aterian continuously monitors the competitive landscape around Customers’ products, and provides information on optimal pricing and aggressiveness based on numerous considerations given the product, competitors and business goals. For inventory, Aterian provides insights and recommendations related to replenishment of the Customer’s inventory.

    For purposes of this Privacy Policy, certain terms have the following meanings: “Customer” means a business customer of Aterian.“ End-Client” means a purchaser of a Customer’s product sold on an E-commerce channel. An “End-Client” may be a consumer or a business. “Personal Information” means information that identifies an individual. “Protected Health Information,” or (“PHI”), is individually identifiable health information which is created or received by a covered entity (for example, a health care provider or dentist) and which relates to past, present or future physical or mental health or condition of an individual, the provision of health care to an individual, or the past, present or future payment of the provision of healthcare to an individual. Protected Health Information is further defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and is subject to the protections of HIPAA. “Sensitive Personal Information” means any information about a person that may relate to health or medical conditions, social security/social insurance numbers or national identifiers, credit card, bank account or other financial information, other information concerning trade union membership, sex life, political opinions, criminal charges or convictions, religious or philosophical beliefs, racial or ethnic origin, or other sensitive matters. “Website” means

    Collection and Use of Personal Information

    Information Provided to Us

    We may collect and store Personal Information and/or Sensitive Information that is voluntarily provided to us by a Customer or other individual. When information is provided to us by a Customer, the Customer affirms that it has the right to provide the information to us. Information we collect and store may include Customer name, email address, phone number, and other information about the Customer’s business. Additionally, Customers typically provide End-Client information including name, email address, and shipping address, as well as the quantity and price of specific goods that the End-Client purchased from the Customer’s E-commerce store(s). We use this information to help Customers optimize their business performance, and for other business purposes. We encrypt and/or hash all Customer and End-Client passwords.


    If a Customer or other individual contacts us via telephone, e-mail, fax, the postal service, our web page, through social media, or in any other way, we may retain the correspondence and the information it contains. This information may be used to respond to the inquiry, notify the Customer or other individual of Aterian-related opportunities, for marketing purposes, or for other business purposes. If an individual or Customer communicates with us but does not wish to receive notifications about Aterian-related opportunities, or otherwise wants to restrict the use of information provided to us, we ask that the individual or Customer please send us an e-mail or write to us at the address listed below.

    Information From Other Sources

    We may combine information that a Customer or other individual provides to us with other information about an individual from other sources, such as vendors, service providers, business partners, health care providers, and other third partners, transactions, and communications. We also may combine that information with data that is publicly available and data from third parties. This information may be used to provide an individual or Customer with information that may be of interest to the individual or Customer. If an individual or Customer does not wish to receive these notifications, we ask that the individual or Customer please send us an e-mail or write to us at the address listed below.

    We also may receive information about individuals or Customers from third party social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other platforms. When our Website is accessed or used through such a third party social platform, such use allows the third party social platform to collect information about the access to our Website, and allows us to access or collect information made available by the third-party website in accordance with its privacy policy. This information may be available from the individual or Customer’s third party social platform profile or account, or from cookies or other tracking tools placed on the individual or Customer’s device by the third-party platform.

    Information About Others

    We may collect Personal Information about other people that an individual or any Customer provides to us, such as name and email address.

    Information Automatically Collected During Website Visits

    We automatically collect information about everyone who visits our Website. This includes log data that automatically records information about each visit, such as browser type, operating system, the URL of the page that referred the person visiting our Website, the different actions performed, and the IP address used to access pages on the Website. We use this information to administer the Website, analyze trends, provide an experience that is relevant to the person visiting our Website based on location of the IP address used to access the Website, gather information about visitor movements, help diagnose potential problems with our server, investigate actual or potential security incidents, and ensure the Website is working properly. We also automatically collect information related to operating system name and version, device manufacturer and model, device identifier, language, the name and version of the software application that is used to access our Website. We use this information for purposes such as ensuring that our Website functions properly and to understand usage of our Website.

    We may assign a device accessing our Website with one or more cookies to facilitate access to our Website, and to personalize the online experience. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user’s computer or mobile device for record keeping purposes. Cookies can be either session cookies or persistent cookies. We may use both session cookies (which expire once an individual closes their browser) and persistent cookies (which stay on devices until the individual deletes them) to provide a more personal and interactive experience on our Website. These cookies may be delivered by us or by third parties.

    We also work with other companies who use tracking technologies to serve ads on our behalf across the Internet. These companies may collect information about interactions with us to present individuals who access our Website with opportunities to purchase Aterian products. Retargeting cookies also are used to present individuals who access our Website with Aterian advertising on other websites based on their interaction on our Website and other websites.

    Our Website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google uses cookies to help us analyze how visitors use the Website. The information generated by the cookie about and individual’s use of the Website is generally transmitted to and stored on a Google server in the U.S. In case of activation of IP anonymization, Google will, however, truncate/anonymize the last eight-bit segment of an IP address beforehand within Member States of the European Union or other parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transmitted to a Google server in the US and truncated there. On behalf of the operator of the Website, Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating use of the Website, compiling reports on the Website activity, and providing the operator with other services relating to the Website and Internet use. Google will not associate an IP address with any other data held by Google.

    An individual may manage and opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads settings. However, please note that if this is done, the user may not be able to use the full functionality of the Website. Alternatively, an individual can opt out by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page: Please note that if use of cookies is disabled, it may not be possible to use the full functionality of the Website.

    For further information on terms of use and data protection/privacy, please see or

    Our Website interfaces with social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and may uses social media plugins (such as the Facebook “Like” button) to facilitate social media functions. When our Website is visited, the operator of a social media plugin may set cookies or other tracking technology on the visitor’s browser, enabling that social media operator to recognize individuals who visit our Website. If a visitor to our Website is logged into a social media website while browsing on our Website or using, the social media plugins may allow the social media website to receive information about the visitor’s visit-including the pages that were viewed-and connect the visit to the visitor’s User Information, Personal Information, Sensitive Personal Information, and PHI. The social media plugins also allow the social media website to share information about a visitor’s activities on our Website with other users of their social media website. For example, Facebook social media plugins allow Facebook to show a visitor’s Likes and comments on our Website to the visitor’s Facebook friends. A visitor’s use of social media plugins is subject to each social media website’s privacy policy, so we encourage visitors to use care and thoughtfully read the privacy policy of each social media website that is used. We have no control over the information that social media websites or plugins collect, store, or use. Before connecting to our Website from a social media website or using a social media plugin on our Website, please be certain to understand the social media website’s privacy policy and how it may gather information about what access to our Website, and what is viewed on our Website.

    Do Not Track

    Some browsers have a “Do Not Track” feature that lets an individual tell websites that the individual does not want to have their online activities tracked. These features are not yet uniform, and we currently are not able to respond to those signals.

    Sharing Information with Third Parties

    We do not reveal Personal Information, Protected Health Information or Sensitive Personal Information to third parties except in the following circumstances:We do not reveal Personal Information, Protected Health Information or Sensitive Personal Information to third parties except in the following circumstances:

    We may transfer information to our agents, third parties, or service providers to conduct our business. For example, third parties and service providers working with us may handle credit card processing, shipping, customer service, data management, e-mail distribution, market research, information analysis, promotions management, social media marketing, and similar services. We may use cloud service providers to host Website and store data, and these service providers inform us that they apply security measures they consider adequate for the protection of the information within their system.

    We share information with Customers concerning their End-Clients. We may transfer your information in order to comply with the law, regulation, valid legal process (e.g., search warrant, subpoena or court order), or governmental or regulatory request; to address disputes or claims; to protect the security or integrity of Aterian’s Website and services; to enforce an agreement; or to protect our rights, property or safety, or the rights, property or safety of our employees or others; We may transfer information to address emergencies or acts of God; We may transfer information in anticipation of and in the course of an actual or potential sale, reorganization, consolidation, merger, or amalgamation of all or part of our business or operations; When an individual whose data we hold requests or authorizes us to do so. Once we are directed to share data with a third party, that data is governed by the third party’s privacy policy; We may share Customer information with third parties to provide opportunities to Customers, such as webinars, that may be of interest to our Customers. We also may share or sell de-identified data with partners and the public in a variety of ways, such as by providing research or reports. To the extent that we provide de-identified data, we perform appropriate procedures so that the data does not identify any individual and does not permit re-identification of any individual. If we go through a business transaction, such as a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a portion of our assets, we may share personal information which likely will be among the assets transferred.

    Security Measures

    We are committed to taking reasonable efforts to secure the information that is provided to us, and we use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect against unauthorized access to or alteration, disclosure, or destruction of data. Even though we take reasonable steps to secure your information, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot fully guarantee the security of information that is provided to us. Questions about the security of information provided to us, including the security of our Website, should be directed to us by sending us an email or writing to us at the address listed below, indicating “Security Inquiry” in the subject line.

    California Privacy Rights

    California residents have the right to ask us one time each year if we have shared their personal information with third parties for direct marketing purposes. To make a request, please email us or write to us at the address listed below, and indicating “California Shine the Light Inquiry” in the subject line.

    Cookie Policy

    We may use "cookies" to track your preferences and activities on and other websites controlled by Aterian, Inc., its affiliates, and business partners.  Cookies are small data files transferred to your computer's hard drive by a website. They keep a record of your preferences so that your subsequent visits to the website may be more efficient and/or customized.

    Cookies may store a variety of information, including the number of times that you access a site, registration information, and the number of times that you view a particular page or item on the site. The use of cookies is a common practice adopted by most major websites so that companies and other organizations can better serve their customers.

    Most browsers are designed to accept cookies, but they can be easily modified to block cookies; see your browser's settings or help files for details. You can also opt out of our use of cookies by clicking here. Please note that without cookies, some of our website's functions will not be available or you will lose some of the benefits of the site.

    Cookie Declaration

    We may use "cookies" to track your preferences and activities on and other websites controlled by Aterian, Inc., its affiliates, and business partners.  Cookies are small data files transferred to your computer's hard drive by a website. They keep a record of your preferences so that your subsequent visits to the website may be more efficient and/or customized.

    Strictly necessary cookies allow core website functionality such as user login and account management. The website cannot be used properly without strictly necessary cookies.

    Performance cookies are used to see how visitors use the website, eg. analytics cookies. Those cookies cannot be used to directly identify a certain visitor.

    Targeting cookies are used to identify visitors between different websites, eg. content partners, banner networks. Those cookies may be used by companies to build a profile of visitor interests or show relevant ads on other websites.

    Functionality cookies are used to remember visitor information on the website, eg. language, timezone, enhanced content.

    Unclassified cookies are cookies that do not belong to any other category or are in the process of categorization.

    Strictly necessary

    NameDomainExpirationDescriptionARRAffinity.mohawkgp.comSessionThis cookie is set by websites run on the Windows Azure cloud platform. It is used for load balancing to make sure the visitor page requests are routed to the same server in any browsing session.

    Targeting weeksThis cookie carries out information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the said monthsThis cookie is set by DoubleClick (which is owned by Google) to help build a profile of your interests and show you relevant ads on other sites.UserMatchHistory.linkedin.com3 weeksThis cookie is used to track visitors so that more relevant ads can be presented based on the visitor's preferences.lidc.linkedin.com6 daysThis is a Microsoft MSN 1st party cookie that ensures the proper functioning of this website._fbp.mohawkgp.com2 monthsUsed by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisersfr.facebook.com2 monthsContains browser and user unique ID combinaton, used for targeted advertising.bcookie.linkedin.com2 yearsThis is a Microsoft MSN 1st party cookie for sharing the content of the website via social media.bscookie.www.linkedin.com2 yearsUsed by the social networking service, LinkedIn, for tracking the use of embedded services.IDE.doubleclick.net1 yearThis cookie carries out information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the said website.personalization_id.twitter.com2 yearsThis cookie carries out information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the said website.

    Functionality are many different types of cookies associated with this name, and a more detailed look at how it is used on a particular website is generally recommended. However, in most cases it will likely be used to store language preferences, potentially to serve up content in the stored language.lang.linkedin.comSessionThere are many different types of cookies associated with this name, and a more detailed look at how it is used on a particular website is generally recommended. However, in most cases it will likely be used to store language preferences, potentially to serve up content in the stored language.


    NameDomainExpirationDescriptionconnect.sidmohawkgp.com1 weeklissc.linkedin.com1 year


    Our services are not intended for use by or targeted at children under 13, and we do not knowingly or intentionally collect information about children under 13. We may provide links to third-party websites that allow children under the age of 13 to register for use of the website, or are targeted at children under 13. In such instances, the third-parties are responsible for ensuring that their websites comply with applicable laws, regulations, and rules.

    Visiting Our Website From Outside the United States

    For Website visitors outside of the United States, please be aware that information about your visit may be transferred to, stored, and processed in the U.S., where our servers are located and our central database is operated. Please be aware that the data protection and other laws of the U.S. might not be as comprehensive as those in your country. By using visiting our Website, you agree that your information may be transferred to our facilities and those third parties with whom we share it, as described in this Privacy Policy.

    Inapplicability of Privacy Policies of Any Linked Websites or Other Third Parties

    This Privacy Policy only addresses our use and disclosure of information. It does not address, and we are not responsible for, the privacy or security practices of any third parties, including our third party service providers (including cloud service providers and any other third party operating any software application or website to which our Website contains a link. The inclusion of a link on the Website does not imply endorsement of the linked software application or website by us. We encourage visitors to carefully read the Privacy Policies of other websites you visit.

    Choices and Access

    Visitors to our Website have choices about how we use and disclose your Personal Information, Sensitive Personal Information, and PHI in connection with marketing efforts. For example, we will not use or share your PHI for marketing purposes unless you opt in. You may unsubscribe from our other marketing communications by sending us an e-mail at the address listed below. For California residents, please consult the “Your Privacy Rights” section above for additional considerations.

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